As a full service dry cleaner we offer services that you may not find at other dry cleaners. We offer benefits that make your clothes look better, last longer, and enhance your appearance.

Dry Cleaning

Using the most environmentally friendly cleaning solvents available

The process itself: As dry cleaning professionals we are trained to keep our solvent clean, with the proper amount of soap & sizing for cleaner garments with the right amount of body. Cleaning clothes in dirty solvent is like taking a bath in dirty water, or worse. Somebody else’s dirty water!!

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An owner of a “discount” cleaner once asked why we gave hand irons to our presser. “It only slows them down”, he added. It’s because we want every garment to look like its been hand finished. From suit jacket linings to pleated skirts, our hand irons get a lot of use.


Before a garment gets delivered it’s inspected by a minimum of three people. Our “spotter” inspects clothes as they come out of the cleaning machine, presser inspect them as they are being finished, and our inspectors/baggers look them over one more time.


On occasion, when solvent cannot remove certain stains, we use water to remove them.Using a very controlled environment, we “wetclean” your garments. This is done in conjunction with the dry cleaning, but doesn’t cost you any more.

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Other Services


From the latest fashions, the newest fabrics, and the most advanced equipment full service dry cleaners stay abreast of the latest technologies.


We offer a full menu of alterations s well as repairs. Some minor repairs are done at no charge.

Shoe Repair

From a shoe shine to new heels and soles, we can do it all.

Fluff/Fold (personal laundry)

If your washer is in need of repair or you just want a break from the laundry room you can send it to us. We’ll return it washed, folded and ready to wear.

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Odor Removal

Just as we inspect for spots and wrinkles, we make certain that your garments smell fresh. It has to do with the constant purification of the solvent.There is no need to air out garments before you wear them.

Stain Removal

We use complex procedures and special stain removal chemicals to remove stains. Water soluble and solvent soluble stains are removed with the utmost care. We stop stain removal when we feel we can damage your garment, then we let you decide if we should try harder.